U.s. History For Dummies

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Ace your next history test with this concise, easy-to-read guide U.S


Award-winning political journalist and history writer Steve Wiegand guides you through the events that shaped our nation, from pre-Columbian civilizations to the 21st century

For students and parents wondering what they've missed, U.S

From the Boston Tea Party to the current Tea Party, the updated 3rd edition includes information about events that have occurred since the previous edition's 2009 release

History courses and AP exams have been redesigned to remedy the situation, means that many students and parents are in need of a supplemental study guide

History for Dummies, 3rd Edition fills the need to improve high school proficiency in history by providing a complete history of the United States, presented in an accessible, reader-friendly format designed to engage students while reinforcing lessons learned in class

History for Dummies, 3rd Edition unlocks the door to the past and the future.

It is vitally important that all U.S

New coverage includes Recession recovery, including federal efforts, unemployment, and the widening class divide The rise of the extreme right and the bitter divisions between political parties and geographic regions Seeking the balance between superpower and domestic caretaker The impact of social media, government surveillance, and cyber crime Not all history is old news, and what happened yesterday affects us all today

The National Assessment of Educational Progress 2011 report showed that only 12 of high school seniors in the U.S

The explorers, the wars, the leaders, and the eras are all fully explored and explained, demonstrating how the past influences the future

This, coupled with the fact that U.S

Citizens are well-versed in the building of our nation, and remain aware of current events

Perform at a proficient level in history

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